Guatemala Prepares Highway Tender

  • Wednesday, February 15, 2017
While options are being evaluated to terminate the contract with Odebrecht to build the CA-2 Occidente road, the government will be putting out to tender maintenance of the sections that were left unfinished.
The Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing will first make a "visual inspection" to determine the actual state of the road, both the sections which have been completed but damaged and sections that have not yet been completed. 

Subsequently, said the head of the CIV, Aldo García, "... while the contract with Odebrecht is being settled, we will be looking for companies to provide maintenance on the unfinished work between Cocales, Suchitepequez, and Tecun Uman, San Marcos. The process will also include putting the works out to tender again in three different sections." reports that "...The comptroller Carlos Wiggles indicated that in the coming days the lawsuit filed by the CGC in June 2016 could be extended because at that time there was only a difference of three percent between the physical and financial progress of the project. He explained that if the criminal complaint is broadened they would take into account the contract amendment and the "impacts" that this could represent;. technical deficiencies identified in the implementation of the work will also be included."

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