Nicaragua: Rise in Beef Exports Forecast

  • Wednesday, February 15, 2017
This year the union of beef exporters expects to sell abroad 113,000 tons of beef and offal products.
Directors of the Nicaraguan chamber of beef exporting plants estimate that sales this year will generate $480 million in revenue. They also announced they will be working on the implementation of improvements that will allow them to increase the value added of the final product, in order to enter more demanding markets, such as Europe.

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Ronald Blandon, manager of Conagan, told that "... they are looking at everything to do with the primary production of meat (fattening and livestock development), in order to meet the requirements of the value chain which is required in the European market, including the provision of a healthy and safe products, which are free from hormones and additives."

"... Blandon said that by the end of April a program will be signed with the Multilateral Investment Fund of the IDB Group (IDB-FOMIN), the first in Latin America, for a production of segregated systems in which Conagan and Canicarne be providing technical assistance to 800 farms over the next three years."

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