Nicaragua: Shoemakers Earn Congratulations

  • Wednesday, March 16, 2016
The footwear industry in 2015 manufactured a record 9 million pairs of shoes with revenues above $50 million.
The 1,300 leather workshops that operate in Nicaragua generated revenues of $50 million in 2015, reaching a production of 9 million pairs of shoes, according to figures from Alejandro Delgado, president of the Chamber of Leather and Footwear and Allied Businesses, published by The amount is 36 times higher than 20 years ago when the industry was manufacturing only 250,000 pairs of shoes.

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"... The goal we set for last year was 8.5 million pairs of shoes; however, we made 9 million and this year we are going for 10 million over and in 5 years we have set the goal of manufacturing 20 million pairs of shoes , " revealed Delgado, who is also president of the Nicaraguan Council of Micro, Small and Medium Companies (Conimipyme)."

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"... The main products in Nicaragua 's manufacturing industry are cattle and goat shoe leather (moccasins, high heels), synthetic sandals, rubber boots and safety boots for construction. The light manufacturing industry of Nicaragua represents an important economic engine, as it contributes more than 15% to the gross domestic product (GDP)."

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